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How To Be Hurricane Ready In An Apartment

Nov 09, 2020

Hurricane season in Florida typically runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Tropical cyclones can manifest quickly, and regardless of whether you’re located on the coast or further inland, a hurricane’s impact can be devastating. Due to the spontaneous nature of…
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Tips For A Healthy Living Space

Oct 09, 2020

If home is where the heart is, then it should be a space worthy of that heart. Typically, people spend most of their time at home. It’s where we go to relax, recharge, and carve out some time in our schedules for ourselves. If your…
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5 Tips For Cleaning Your Apartment In A Hurry

Sep 09, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the nervous adrenaline rush of finding out people are coming over soon and then glancing around your apartment to discover it’s an utter mess. A pile of dishes in the sink, clothes carelessly strewn across the floor, and — oh no,…
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Easy Ways To Meet Your Neighbors

Aug 18, 2020

Whether you’ve lived in a city your entire life or are coming from several states away, moving to a new community can sometimes feel overwhelming, even lonely. This is especially true for UCF students who come from all around the world to call Orlando home.
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10 Questions To Find The Perfect Roommate

Jul 27, 2020

Having the perfect roommate — someone whose personality matches yours and isn’t liable to miss their monthly installments — will make life as a renter that much sweeter. Typical housing contracts last anywhere from six months to a whole year. To ensure residents of our…
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4 Tips For Hosting The Best Apartment Tailgate Party

Jun 26, 2020

Sports are communal activities; anyone who’s been in a stadium and cheered alongside thousands of like-minded fans will vouch as much. Football games in particular are sporting events amplified to maximum excitement, especially when enjoyed with friends, family, and delicious foods. However, students aren’t always…