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Renting By The Bed vs. By The Apartment

UCF off campus housing is available in various styles, from furnished townhomes to traditional apartments. Aside from obvious details, such as aesthetic designs, amenities, and location, types of student housing are distinguished by the formats of their lease agreements, specifically whether the landlords rent by the bed or by the apartment. Depending on your circumstances as a renter, one of these two options may be the most beneficial for you.

Renting By The Bed in UCF Apartments

Orlando student housing permits tenants to rent by the bed, which means to sign an individual lease for a private bedroom in an otherwise shared unit, such as an apartment or townhome. Renting by the bed has pros and cons for tenants.

Advantages of Individual Leases

One advantage of renting by the bed is a student can reserve a single bedroom in a shared apartment or townhome. As demand for off campus apartments near UCF increases, it’s much easier to find an open bedroom for rent in a shared apartment than it is to find an entire apartment that’s vacant, especially in neighborhoods close to the university. With an individual lease, a student shares no financial liability for the apartment with roommates. Instead, each roommate pays rent individually, and if one of them moves out or falls behind on rent, the others remain unaffected financially.

Downsides to Renting By the Bed

When renting by the bed, there are no shared lease agreements among roommates, which means two or more friends who are interested in living together must find a single housing unit with enough vacant bedrooms for everyone. Nonetheless, many student apartments near UCF contain three to six bedrooms, so friends who want to room together are usually able to find housing with enough open bedrooms to accommodate the group.


Renting By The Apartment

Renting by the apartment is the traditional format of an apartment lease, whereby all the tenants of a unit sign the same lease and bear equal financial responsibility for paying rent. Like individual leases, traditional leases have both pros and cons for renters.

Pros of Traditional Leases

Traditional leases work when all the renters are at the same level of financial stability. For friends or family members who trust one another and are committed to sharing an apartment, renting this way makes sense. But a renter who doesn’t have preassigned roommates would have to overcome the challenge of either recruiting random roommates to help pay rent or finding an apartment that’s inexpensive enough to rent individually.

Cons of Renting By The Apartment

Having to collectively pay for an apartment can be burdensome for tenants. Besides the task of collecting each roommate’s share every month, there’s also the risk of one roommate being short on money when payments are due and the others having to pay the difference, incurring late fees, or possibly being evicted.


Off Campus Student Housing near UCF

The Station Alafaya is a housing community that rents by the bed to students in Orlando. We offer roommate-matching services and allow individual students to reserve a room. In our fully furnished townhomes, residents have private bedrooms and bathrooms and share spacious communal areas. The Station residents also have access to a variety of luxury amenities for fitness, relaxation, and entertainment. Contact us to learn more about life at The Station!

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