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Having the perfect roommate — someone whose personality matches yours and isn’t liable to miss their monthly installments — will make life as a renter that much sweeter. Typical housing contracts last anywhere from six months to a whole year.

To ensure residents of our UCF apartments get to spend that time with someone they’re compatible with, here are ten questions to ask a potential roommate.

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What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

Break the ice with a few light-hearted questions. Discovering how a candidate likes to spend their free time can tell you a lot about them. Do they share the same hobbies and interests as you? If so, you may become best friends!

Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Owl?

Do you prefer sleeping in while they like to get up at the peak of dawn and blend a protein smoothie before hitting the gym? Finding a roommate with a similar sleep schedule to you will help prevent some future arguments.

Do You Have Any Pets?

For those with allergies, pets can be a dealbreaker. It’s also important to discuss how any subsequent fees will be handled between roommates. Remember, should you both have pets, they may need to be acquainted before moving in together.

What Are Your Cleaning Habits?

If you relish a tidy, clean living environment, you won’t want to end up rooming with a slob. Alternatively, if you know yourself to be a bit of a messy person, avoid moving in with a clean freak — for both of your sakes!

How Do You Feel About Sharing?

Sharing is caring! Unless you’re the kind of person who values their personal space, then respecting each other’s space is also caring! Either way, set boundaries about what is and is not off-limits before moving in together.

Do You Have Any Allergies?

Always be sure to ask your candidates if they have any serious allergies. For certain people, allergies can cause severe reactions without even coming in direct contact with the allergen. If they have a nut allergy and peanuts are your favorite snack, consider different options.

Do You Have Reliable Transportation?

The last thing most people want is to end up becoming the roommate’s chauffeur. Always check to ensure candidates have a car and a working license. If they don’t, make it clear you won’t be the one driving them around each day.

Will You Be Able To Make Your Monthly Installments?

A majority of arguments between roommates can be traced back to who can and cannot pay each month. Ask about their money-saving habits, and whether they have already secured a job in the area you plan to move.

How Were Your Previous Roommate Experiences?

If you ask this question and all the candidate does is gripe and complain, you should probably be skeptical. After all, the common denominator in all those scenarios is them. This question can give you an idea of how your potential roommate resolves problems.

Is There Anything You Would Like To Ask Me?

After all those questions, it’s only fair they get to ask you some, and the questions and concerns they raise will only help you gain further insight into your candidate. They may even ask about things you’d never even thought about.