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5 Ways Student Housing Reduces Living Costs In College

Worrying about expenses — or worse having to call home to ask for money — is no student’s idea of a fulfilling college experience. But one way to keep living costs down is by renting student apartments near UCF. Living close to the university lets you save on commuting costs and also take advantage of these other five money-saving benefits.

1. Live-In Features

Furnished student apartments tend to have live-in features that tenants otherwise have to purchase. In dorms or a traditional apartment, for instance, residents usually pay for the privilege of washing their laundry. But student housing gives residents their own washer and dryer units. Along similar lines, decorating a bare unit with furniture, such as a bed, desk, and TV, as well as signing up for cable and Internet, are expensive undertakings. But all these essential comforts are provided in furnished student housing.   

2. Amenities

It seems counterintuitive that a community with a fitness facility, gaming lounge, and swimming pool would be associated with living frugally, but luxury amenities actually alllow students to cut expenses. Off campus student housing isn’t merely a place to live but an environment humming with student activities. The more of these you’re doing at home, from working out in the gym to swimming in the pool, the less money you’ll need to spend on outside entertainment.

3. Roommates

Splitting living costs with roommates is one way to cut expenses. Roommates can help each other save money by sharing groceries, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. It’s also financially savvy to sign an individual housing agreement, where the landlord only holds you responsible for your portion of the payments.

4. Transportation

Transportation expenses can sneak up on you, especially if you’re prone to taking an Uber everywhere or even driving your personal vehicle in Orlando traffic: filling up the tank with gas is so second-nature that you may not even realize how much money is spent on fuel costs. But what’s advantageous about student housing is you live close enough to UCF to walk or bike to class. And when you’re required to travel around the city, you can save money by riding on public transportation or even carpooling with friends.

5. Dining & Shopping

Minor changes to your dining and shopping habits can have dramatic impacts on your budget. Food is one of the biggest expenses students face, but eating at home instead of at restaurants saves quite a bit of money. It’s also financially savvy to invest in tupperware to preserve leftovers from homemade meals, so you can enjoy them for lunch at school. Meanwhile, with regard to shopping, before you choose to pay full price for new goods and housewares, check out second-hand retailers such as thrift shops or consignment stores.

The Station Alafaya has revolutionized student housing in Orlando by offering luxury living at competitive prices that are affordable on a student budget. We offer individual housing contracts for bedrooms in three-, four-, five-, and six-bedroom furnished units. And we enable students to cut expenses by using our community's amenities. Walking to campus is also an option thanks to our convenient location near UCF. Contact us to learn more!

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