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UCF housing is truly remarkable. Every year, thousands of individuals with different backgrounds, academic interests, and lifestyles, from across the nation decide to live together in stylish UCF off campus housing, designed from the ground up for optimized college lifestyles. Off campus living communities, such as The Station Alafaya, provide residents with a safe haven for studying, working, and playing alongside fellow peers.

To ensure everyone has an equitable chance of enjoying everything their community has to offer, residents must take the initiative to become good neighbors — here are eight simple tips on how to do so.


1. Introduce Yourself

Perhaps you’ve heard this before, but communication is key in establishing any type of relationship, including ones with the neighbors. Move past any shyness and take the initiative. Knock on their door, introduce yourself, ask questions, and break the ice. Introducing yourself will make things less awkward for everyone and help cultivate familiarity among neighbors.

2. Lend A Hand

Old and enduring clichés about neighbors — such as asking to borrow some sugar — hint at a convenient truth. Because they live next door, neighbors can be really helpful when friends and family are far away or when you’re in a pinch. Before asking to borrow a hand-mixer, however, remember that cordiality is a two-way street. Take the first step in volunteering to help.

3. Keep The Noise Down

There are few things as infuriating as waking up to loud music and noise. While The Station offers students the chance to enjoy living in private bedrooms, residents still need to be considerate of neighbors and keep the noise to a minimum — especially during late-night hours. If you plan on hosting a small party or get-together, be sure to alert neighbors ahead of time.

4. Train Your Pets

Our pet friendly apartments are ideal for those looking to have a furry companion at home. While we love our pets and our pet-owner residents, we likewise seek to accommodate residents that don’t own pets. To be a good neighbor, we recommend taking the time to train your pet with a focus on respecting neighbors throughout the community.

5. Respect Privacy

While friendly neighbors make for the best UCF housing experiences, friends must remember that everyone has a right to privacy. Being too nosy can jeopardize any relationship — make sure you don’t overstep into neighbors’ personal space. Be direct about what you expect from each other and try to resolve any disputes promptly with calm and considerate discussions.

6. Be On The Lookout

While The Station prides itself on being a safety-first off campus housing community, keeping an eye out for neighbors can help make the community safer as well as foster a greater sense of camaraderie among residents. Alerting the neighbors of suspicious activity around their apartment, for example, won’t take too much effort but will be greatly appreciated.

7. Clean Up After Yourself

One of the many advantages of living in off campus student apartments is community living. Apartment communities give residents access to several student living amenities designed to make their lives more enjoyable. To ensure everyone has a fair chance of enjoying these amenities, however, residents must remember to maintain all common areas clean and tidy.

8. Take Turns At The Gym

Having a 24-hour gym at your apartment community can be a blessing. Remember, however, that everyone deserves a fair chance to enjoy a good workout. Be courteous when using any machinery or equipment at the gym. Do not use your phone while someone else is waiting for their turn on the machine you’re on and wipe down the machine clean after every use.