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Have Renters Insurance? You Should!

In the areas near UCF off campus housing is trending up but many of the students who are moving to these apartments don’t have renters insurance. The tendency to overlook taking out a renters insurance policy isn’t limited to students as approximately 60 percent of tenants nationwide don’t have these insurance policies. But students are in an early stage of their adult lives and just establishing themselves financially which is why all students should consider having the financial protections from renters insurance.

Protection for Your Belongings

Students living in off campus apartments near UCF usually have laptops, textbooks, and other belongings that qualify as significant investments; even the cost of the average student’s wardrobe can be a sizable investment. But in the case of an accident or disaster, all the money that went into buying your personal possessions would be sunk without renters insurance coverage.

While landlords have property insurance on their apartment buildings, the protections from property insurance only cover damages to the building itself and not to tenants’ belongings in the apartments. Renters insurance, on the other hand, covers the cost of damages to your personal property. So, in the event a mishap occurs in your apartment, renters insurance allows you to continue living normally and not be concerned with how to pay for new items.

Other Benefits of Renters Insurance

Did you know renters insurance covers the cost of more than just lost or damaged belongings in your apartment? In fact, there are many advantages to having renters insurance that residents in student apartments near UCF may have never considered but would definitely benefit from.

Hotel Rooms

Having to leave your home and find alternative lodging, even for one day, can be expensive. Coming up with the money for even a modest hotel room isn’t necessarily easy. But in the event of a disaster or other unfortunate incident that makes your apartment uninhabitable temporarily, renters insurance can cover the cost of a hotel room for you to live in until you’re able to move back home.

Injured Guests  

In Orlando student housing is a popular place for people to get together and mingle. From study sessions with classmates to group activities with friends, there are many possible occasions where you might host guests in your apartment. Should a visitor to your home become injured, renters insurance can cover that person’s medical expenses. And hopefully your guest doesn’t sue you after getting injured, but were that to happen, renters insurance would also cover the costs of the lawsuit.

Borrowed Items

Sharing is synonymous with the student lifestyle. In the course of living in your student housing community, you may have occasion to lend clothing or a video game to a friend or borrow your neighbor’s bike or laptop. Were an item you were borrowing to get damaged in an accident, the cost of replacing that item could be significant. But just as it covers your belongings, renters insurance can also cover the cost of borrowed items that are in your possession.

Off Campus Apartments near UCF

The Station Alafaya is a student housing community, where residents in Orlando enjoy the ultimate off campus living experience. We offer fully-furnished townhomes with modern furniture, appliances, and private bedrooms, as well as roommate matching services. Our residents also enjoy a variety of complimentary amenities, which include a resort-style swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness facility, gaming lounge, and computer lab. The Station is also conveniently located near the UCF campus as well as nearby places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Contact us to schedule a tour!

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