Bed bugs are nightmarish little insects that hideaway in mattresses and feast on our blood at night. These pesky parasites are hard to spot and, once they’ve infiltrated an apartment, even harder to dispel. Not to mention, bed bug extermination services can be expensive and take a considerable amount of time to fully eradicate an infestation. Don’t waste time and money fighting an infestation of bed bugs sometime down the line. Start implementing the following bed bug prevention practices in your apartment today!

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Know Thy Enemy

Familiarizing oneself with some of the signs of bed bugs can help apartment residents identify the presence of a few parasites before they become a full-blown infestation. A few common symptoms of bed bugs include a musty odor, blood spots on sheets or pillowcases, brown stains on mattresses, and eggshells similar in appearance to grains of rice on the bed. Additionally, those living in an apartment afflicted by bed bugs may occasionally see them crawling around. If you notice small, flat, oval-shaped brown insects crawling around on your mattress or in your bedroom, you may have bed bugs. Finally, the telltale sign of bed bugs is their bite marks. Bed bug bites typically appear as itchy, red spots on the skin of one’s arms or shoulders.

Clean & Declutter

Tidying around your apartment and keeping things as clutter-free as possible is not only key to creating a comfortable home environment but essential to the prevention of pest infestation as well. Less clutter around the apartment means fewer places pests can hide. Vacuuming regularly, in particular, is an excellent way to combat bed bugs as vacuums can pull pests and their eggs directly out of fabrics. That said, remember to occasionally vacuum mattresses and box springs as well as your bedroom floor. A little bit of routine cleaning can go a long way in the prevention of bed bug infestations!

Be Careful With Secondhand Furniture

Unless you’re planning on moving into housing that provides furniture, such as our furnished apartments near UCF, you’ll have to buy furniture yourself. Those looking to furnish their apartment on a budget often seek out secondhand furniture, as buying used is an effective way to save a pretty penny. However, always be cautious when bringing home used furniture. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers, and second-hand couches, mattresses, loveseats, and rugs make perfect vehicles for smuggling these tricky parasites into your apartment. No matter whether the piece you’re eyeing is from a garage sale or thrift store, be sure to inspect it thoroughly for signs of bed bugs before transporting it home. To be doubly sure, treat used furniture with insecticide before bringing it into your apartment.

Monitor Your Pets

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only food source bed bugs like to feed on. Our furry friends also make desirable treats for bed bugs. If you live in a community that welcomes pets, such as our pet friendly apartments near UCF, it’s recommended that you keep a close eye on your canine companions. Pests often use dogs as a means of gaining entrance to our homes, jumping into their fur, and riding them inside. From there, bed bugs will migrate off of our dogs and into more favorable locations such as our mattresses or pet beds. With that in mind, be sure to check your pet’s bedding and even fabric toys for signs of bed bugs as often as you inspect your mattress. Additionally, regularly washing pet toys and bedding in hot water is an effective way to kill any pests lurking within them.