Tips For A Healthy Living Space

If home is where the heart is, then it should be a space worthy of that heart. Typically, people spend most of their time at home. It’s where we go to relax, recharge, and carve out some time in our schedules for ourselves. If your home doesn’t support that, your health could be suffering in ways you may not even recognize.

At The Station Alafaya, we prioritize our residents’ satisfaction and do everything in our power to ensure that each UCF apartment is maintained to our high standards.

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Get Up To Date On Maintenance

Healthy living starts with living in a healthy home. If you have issues with mold, pests, leaks, broken appliances, or anything else that is impacting your life, you need to get these things taken care of immediately.  At The Station Alafaya, we aim to keep all of our apartment features in perfect working conditions, and the feedback of residents is a vital part of that mission.

A Welcoming Kitchen Makes Mealtime Better

Making sure you have enough fuel to get through your day starts with what you’re putting into your body. Fresh, preservative-free foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help you feel stronger, longer. And all of that begins in the kitchen. Having the tools you need can make meal prep faster and easier. This can include quality knives, a blender, airtight containers for storage, and more. Most fruits can be kept on your counter or in a fruit bowl that will not only add a bit of color to your space but encourage you to have a healthier snack. Also, invest in a water purifier for clean hydration.

Declutter & Organize

Removing clutter from your space can actually relieve a mental weight that you may not have even realized was there. That’s because clean surfaces and organized items are just naturally more appealing to the eye, promoting a sense of stability and calm. But beyond that, having a spot for essential items, such as school documents, bills, and personal information, will allow you easy access whenever it’s needed. Organization doesn’t have to be boring either. Use fun crates, colorful bins, or craft some DIY solutions you can look at with pride.

Increase The Comfort

You may not realize this, but you could be suffering from allergies brought on by synthetic fibers. Opting for natural blankets, linens, towels, and pillowcases not only feel nicer on your body, but could alleviate allergic reactions. Placing soft, cuddly blankets in spots that you frequent allows you to wrap yourself up and increase your relaxation when you’re unwinding at your television or computer.

Boost Positivity

Colors and lighting can play a large role in our moods. Ideally, bedrooms should have warm lights and softer colors to help put your mind at ease. Avoid colors in the red spectrum which can increase anxiety, and focus on blues and earth tones. Adding artwork and crafts can also be a source of inspiration. Double the effect by adding mirrors that reflect these focal pieces. Also, think about adding art with affirmative messaging to give you that extra boost when you need it.

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